A few weeks ago we shared our Summer 2021 Industry Update and provided information about how our team is managing the supply chain challenges in our industry. 

We hoped the supply chain would be in a better position by now, but so far it’s not improving like we hoped.

Inventory issues for most vendors persist and they are not sure when that is going to change. 

The inventory volatility is causing unpredictable price increases, which is not common in our industry. 

Based on the current situation, we are encouraging our clients to place their holiday gift orders as soon as possible. 

If there are items on back-order, we are encouraging our clients to go ahead and place an order so they will be in line to receive them if/when the items are restocked.

We are thankful to have many trusted partners we work with to help us meet your needs. Our team will do all we can to help you find promotional products and clothing for your holiday needs!

Click here to view this year’s Hugh’s List for Gift Giving.

Contact our team if you have any questions about holiday gifts for your employees, customers, and prospects.

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