Draft Top®

Product Details

Draft Top® changes the experience of drinking from a can. It's the world’s first bar tool designed to safely remove the top of aluminum beverage cans. The Draft Top® creates a smooth pour and releases the full aroma of your beverage.

Why We Love It

What do beer, coffee, sodas, and energy drinks all have in common? A whole lot of nothing...except for the fact that they're all liquids and come packaged in cans. And while we all enjoy a good canned beverage, sometimes the experience can be a little lackluster. Then comes this handy little tool called the Draft Top® that can completely change your normal "drink from a can" experience. Not only is this an awesome gift idea because of its uniqueness, but its huge full-color branding area right on top will make sure that your brand stays top of mind every time a person goes to crack open a cold one.

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