Commonsku Project Portals

commonsku is a cloud-based order management system (OMS) built specifically for promotional products distributors.

We have partnered with commonsku in recent years because we feel their system offers the best tools for our team to be efficient and effective while providing an awesome external customer experience.  

With the recent launch of Project Portals, commonsku introduced a new way for customers to track the status of projects. Project Portals allow customers to view presentations, review sales orders, track order status, see proofs, download invoices, and more.  Giving customers a window into the system is a significant step forward and greatly improves the customer experience.

Each Project Portal is a unique link for a project and is generated when an order is placed. 

The information for each project is updated in real-time as the status of the order changes. 

According to commonsku’s release notes, customers will be able to do the following for each project through the portal:

  • Project Status – displays client-facing forms emailed through they system and the project’s status. Clients can click tabs to view and download different forms and even pay deposit invoices or invoices by credit card. The tabs display the most recent version of a particular form.
  • Project Activities – displays a history of client-facing emails sent through the project, presentation comments, order/proof approvals/change requests, and credit card payments.

We believe this new feature will allow us to better communicate the status of each project to customers in real-time.

At Goodson, we feel that relationships are built on human interaction; however, using the right technology can enhance relationships and make them stronger.

Our team has been rolling out Project Portals recently, and we look forward to continuing to find new ways to improve how we communicate and deliver a better experience.  

One last thing, commonsku announced Client Portals recently as well.  As you might have guessed, Client Portals essentially roll up Project Portals into one area so they can be referenced and easily viewed.  We are learning more about Client Portals and how best to implement them in the coming weeks.  Stay tuned, we will publish another update soon!

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