State of the Brand

We are excited to launch a new, updated website this week!  The new site is the result of several months of work and planning.  

In reality, we’ve been gradually rolling out a refreshed, expanded brand for some time now, dating back to 2021. But the website is really the cherry on top!

When Goodson began in 2015, we wanted to create a brand that was unique, something not done before in our industry.  We also wanted to make sure it was reflective of what we wanted our personality as a company to be.  The Goodson brand from the start did these things and served us well as we grew the company over the first five years.  

When COVID hit in 2020 we, like many others, were forced to pause and ask some difficult questions about our business.  

Do we have something unique to offer our customers than what already exists?  

Do we have a clear purpose that will drive us in good times and in tough times?  

The answer was YES, so we pressed on.  

In doing so, it became clear we needed to invest in our brand and make sure the framework we had in place was reflective of the company we were at that time and most importantly for the company we wanted to become.  

For this reason, we engaged a designer in 2021 to take the strong foundation we had from the beginning and build on it.  We spent time in discussion, went through several different approaches, and arrived at what we felt captured our vision perfectly.  

We couldn’t be happier with the result!  

The refreshed brand is brighter, has more color, and creates the foundation to move Goodson into the future.  It merges the best of the old and new.  It’s reflective of our desire to build relationships with customers like businesses used to, being responsive, engaged, and authentic.  While using modern technology, processes, and systems that allow us to be thorough and excellent at what we do.    

As we look to quickly expand and grow the business, we are confident we have the perfect foundation in place.  Your thoughts and feedback are appreciated, please send us a note once you’ve had a chance to look it over!

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