Welcome to the Partner Series – where we’ve curated our favorite partners just for you! In the past our partners would bring presentations to just our team. After each one, we would be excited and ready to share what we learned with you, but never really had a great way to do that. Now we are bringing partner presentations directly to you with The Partner Series!

With each Partner Series, we hope you’ll find fresh ideas, unique products and valuable information for your next project to better engage your employees and customers.

We host virtual events throughout the year along with two live events in Louisville, Kentucky. Enjoy!

aaa innovations

Amy Krieger from aaa innovations is our guest for this Partner Series. aaa innovations is well known for merging the highest quality products with cutting-edge mobile technology, like

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Partner Series with Powerstick


Alex Symms from Powerstick is our guest for this Partner Series. has become a leading designer and manufacturer of high-quality consumer technology products for corporate events and programs.

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Storm Creek

In the first Partner Series of 2023, Rick Poferl from Storm Creek shares more about the companies’ latest product line and their passion for thoughtful

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Partner Series with Numo Hero Image


Jim Martin was our guest for the final Partner Series of 2022. Jim shared more about Numo and their simple motto: “We make things.” And

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Partner Series with Picnic Time Hero Image

Picnic Time

Holly Escobedo with Picnic Time joined us for this Partner Series and shared how Picnic Time is the epitome of the American Dream – two

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Hero Image - Hirsch Gift

Hirsch Gift

Our 2022 edition of the Partner Series with Hirsch Gift was a first for our team. Our guest could not attend, which gave Landon and

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Partner Series with SanMar Hero Image


At last week’s Partner Series event, we were excited to welcome Gavin Long from SanMar. SanMar is not just a T-shirt company. Their goal is

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Gemline has been a leader in providing high-quality branded products to our industry  for over 60 years, and we were excited to have them for

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Partner Series with Sock 101 Hero Image


Our search for a go-to custom woven sock partner has ended with SOCK101! The founder of the company, Kelly Yarborough, along with Destiny Deal, were

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Partner Series with ETS Express

ETS Express

Mike Contreras with ETS Express joined us for our May Partner Series. ETS continues to be our preferred partner for your drinkware needs. Their customer

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Discount Marketing Products

Discount Marketing Products

This episode of the Partner Series features Dalan Cohen, Owner of Discount Marketing Products (DMP). The conversation started off by exploring the background of Discount

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Partner Series with Compass Promos

Compass Promos

We’ve always liked Compass Promos! Compass was one of the first in our industry to begin bridging the gap between retail brands and promotional products.

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