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Simplifying the promotions industry

Goodson takes pride in helping you find the right branded clothing and promotional items to give your brand style and visibility, allowing your company's personality to shine.

We believe that a personal touch, attention to detail, and a focus on quality is what's missing in our industry. It's how Hugh Goodson ran his business 90 years ago, and how we intend to do it today.

We have two goals: Make it easy for you to find the right product, and make the process of ordering clothing and supplies enjoyable.

Let's meet, and you'll begin to see the Goodson difference.

Our process mixes modern technology
with old-fashioned values


We aim before we shoot, first getting to know you and the goals for your brand.


We look through the piles of catalogs, find options and present the best to you.


We manage your orders with accuracy, timeliness, and constant communication.


After the order, we connect to see how we did and strive to improve.


Style & Visibility

Create brand advocates and increase visibility for your brand with clothing your employees want to wear. We work with you to curate clothing that's just right for your brand, giving your employees the styles and brands they love with ease.

See how Goodson is changing the way you order and enjoy branded clothing for your company.

Look your best. On brands you already know and trust.

Not everyone knows to ask, but some of your favorite brands are available to customize for you
and your brand advocates. Ask us about sampling some of the great brands we work with today.

Ask about free samples
and 10% off your first order.

Let us show you the Goodson difference
on your next branded clothing order.


Finest Quality Supplies

The right item is key when displaying your brand and telling your story. Our staff curates lists of only the best items from catalogs all across our industry to save you time and make sure you get the item that is the best fit for your brand.

We call these "Hugh's Lists" and chances are you'll find what you're looking for.


Some of your greatest brand ambassadors
are your very own employees!

Arming your employees with quality clothing & supplies (items they actually want to wear) can be difficult and time-
consuming. Not anymore. Goodson brand programs are designed to deliver style & comfort while making the
process enjoyable. Each program starts with a curated list of clothing & supplies hand-picked for style, options, and
customer satisfaction. You keep the items you like, add the ones you want and we handle the rest.
Brand programs are a great way to keep your employees engaged and excited about showing off your brand.

Employee Programs

Each quarter, a new seasonal-themed program is launched with
the latest fashions trends, curated for you, but completely
customizable. Pick the items you like, we'll handle the rest!

Client Programs

Remote sales employees, traveling sales reps, or even a new sales hire -
all need to look their best and be equipped. Set up a program and reps can
pick and choose from your pre-approved, branded clothing & supplies.
Pick the items you like, we'll handle the rest!

Landon and his team have been a joy to work with.
He anticipates my needs, is always attentive, and truly knows
how to make my brand shine.

Katerina Guljas
Design Manager, Luckett & Farley

Customer experience the way Hugh intended it.

In 1922, Hugh Goodson's legendary customer service was only matched by his
expertise in crafting the finest quality clothing and traveling the world
to bring unique supplies to his customers. His wit and wisdom continue to inspire our business.

"I'll take a wink and a handshake
over a phone call any day."

-Hugh Goodson
Let's Meet

And let us show you the Goodson difference!