Ground Rules

We try to be pretty easy to get along with, but a few terms & conditions are listed below just to keep us all on the same page.

Payment Terms

We invoice orders upon shipment with net 10 days terms. Please let us know if this causes an issue and we can discuss it. In some cases we will request a deposit if our Partner requires a deposit from us. We will discuss this on a case by case basis.

Payment Methods

We prefer payments by check or ACH to avoid credit card processing fees which reduce margins and can apply pressure to increase pricing.  However, we do allow credit payments on orders up to $5000.

Past Due Balances

We do reserve the right to charge interest of 2.5% on balances over 30 days past due.  However, we certainly don’t want to do that and will work to communicate with to ensure all invoices are received and paid in order to avoid that discussion completely.


Delivered quantities are sometimes subject to over and under percentages.  We will hold this percentage to no more than 3% over or under and would add any overage quantities to the final invoice.  Exact quantities can be requested and may require additional cost from our Partners.

Lead Times

Our lead times are provided by our Partners, we will keep you informed on lead times throughout each project.

Minimum Orders

Our minimum orders are determined by our Partners, we will be transparent about any minimum order quantities throughout each project.


Sales Orders are valid for 7 calendar days from the date they are created.  Orders received after this period of time may be re-quoted if necessary.

Supply Chain

As we all know, supply chains are challenged and product availability is unpredictable at this time.  We will do all we can to confirm availability of product during the quotation period, however, inventory is changing constantly.  We cannot guarantee product availability until we have submitted a PO to our Partner and received confirmation that product is allocated to our order.


We work hard to make sure you have a very clear idea of what the finished product will look like.  Most commonly, we provide mockups that are created by our in house Art Department.  We do our best to represent these as accurately as possible.  From time to time, the mockup and artwork will need to be modified once our Partner receives the art given their more specific knowledge of their own items, imprint areas and imprint capabilities.  When this happens we will work with you on the best outcome.

In some cases, we provide spec samples and/or pre-production product proofs as a way to ensure the final product will meet and exceed your expectations.  Printed product samples do add additional time and cost that will need to be agreed to up front.

Artwork Standards

In order to ensure your items print at the highest level of quality, we do ask that production ready artwork be provided to us in the form of a vector-based PDF or EPS in most cases with all text/fonts converted to outlines.  If you are not able to provide this, we have very affordable conversion services we can offer.

Imprint Colors

We use the Pantone Matching System (PMS) as the standard for imprint colors.  We ask that you supply us with the PMS colors approved for your brand or a brand guide if available for our files.  If an exact match of your PMS colors is required, some Partners will charge additional fees.  All Partners have standard colors we can choose from at no additional cost.

Changes to Orders

We recognize that things may change after a Sales Order is sent for approval or even after it is submitted to our Partner.  You can request changes to any Sales Order you receive prior to approval by clicking the “Request Changes” button at the bottom of the Sales Order.  We will then be notified and make any needed changes.

If a change is required for an order already submitted to one of our Partners, we will make every effort to make the change.  Most changes can be made as long as a Proof has not been approved.  However, sometimes we are not able to make changes after an order is submitted.  We will do our best!

Canceling Orders

It sometimes becomes necessary to cancel an order, we allow order cancellations as long as no production has begun on the order.  We will make every effort to accommodate this request when it arises.

Intellectual Property

We do require that you ensure that any design or artwork you provide to us does not violate or infringe on any trademark, copyright, patent or other legal right held by any third party.  Some legal jargon there, but we just need to make sure we have the right to print the artwork you provide to us.

Problems with Orders

We ask that you inspect orders within seven (7) calendar days of receipt for any problems or issues and notify us as soon as you can.  We may ask for photos or other confirmation for our records of any problems you find, which is oftentimes requested by our Partners as well.  Our promise is ‘It’s Right or We Make It Right’ and we stand by that.  There will be a process we have to follow to deliver on this promise!

Things Outside All of Our Control

We all know things happen that are outside of our control.  Everything from delays or interruptions in transportation, labor disputes, strikes, acts of God, pandemics and more.  We work in partnership with you to manage these things when they happen.  We hope they don’t!

The Law

We are in Kentucky and would therefore use Kentucky law as the basis for any dispute that may arise.  God willing, we will never get there.

Brand Program Returns

For our online stores or Brand Programs, if an item is delivered correctly but it does not fit or you simply don’t like the item, we offer a 50% credit toward a new item. Any item we deliver incorrectly, we will replace at no charge, no questions asked.

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