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Meet Alex Thomas

I was born and raised in Louisville, KY and currently reside here with my wife (newly wed as of June ‘21) and our fur-family (two cats, 1 dog). I graduated from Marion C. Moore School, class of 2016 and shortly after joined the full-time work-force to of course make lots of money but gain experience and find my passion, whatever that may be.

I began working on the Sales & Safety side of the firearms industry (first in a big-box sporting goods store, then later with a private shooting range/firearms store) where I was able to gain tons of experience in something I was and still am very passionate about. Through normal networking & socializing with work clientele, I was fortunate enough to find my first “grown-up” job as a service advisor for a local automotive group where I’d spend the next 3 years learning the ins and outs of the automotive industry. With great success in this position I was able to really expand my knowledge and love for cars but also realize that I truly loved tinkering and working with MY vehicles, not everyone else’s

Through what now seems like a miracle, I’ve found what I feel to be my home with the Goodson Supply Co. team, where I’m fortunate enough to work with my almost-life-long best friend in this rapidly growing company!

Fun Facts About Me

I love sport shooting, video games, spirited driving, binging TV shows & spending time on a beach somewhere. I’m naturally extremely extroverted and normally am the last to leave a party but I can just as easily sit on the couch, start my PlayStation & zone out if I can find the time!

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