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Meet Buck Wade

I was born in Springfield Ohio.
Growing up I lived in- Springfield OH (3 times), Stratford CT, and Ashland OH

I am the oldest of 7 children 2 of which have passed.
I have 3 children- a son and 2 daughters
I have 8 grandchildren- one grandson and 7 grandaughters

Throughout my life I have been a mechanic, radiographer, small business owner, designer, and account manager. Learning how to work on vehicles has been one of the most valuable skills I ever acquired.

I played baseball from age 8 up thru high school My grandmother intoduced me to golf at age 14 and I’ve played off and on for the balance of my life.
I also greatly enjoyed playing tennis and volleyball from the time I was 25 up thru age 35.

Fun Facts About Me

I endevour to keep the God of the Bible at my centerpoint- beginning each day in conversation with Him and in His word.

I enjoy reading fiction novels and have read many books in my life. Since my family lives in 4 different areas I don’t get near enough time with my kids and grand children but thoroughly enjoy it when I do get it.

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