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meet Ross Gagliardi

I was born and raised right here in Louisville, KY and have never lived anywhere else. I did however move out of my parents house at 18, all the way to the University of Louisville’s campus just 15 minutes from home.

Much of my life before college was filled with sports (I loved my time playing lacrosse) and schoolwork. As if life didn’t already feel crazy enough, when I finally got to college, my time spent playing sports was replaced with part time work hours and the grind never stopped. While pursuing my bachelors in Industrial Engineering, I worked at Jimmy Johns (just short of 5 years!) and surprisingly enough, I made more lifelong friends at Jimmy Johns than I did during my time in college. After undergrad I dove straight into my Masters studying business administration where I was lucky enough to happen upon the Goodson team as their first ever intern. And the rest is history.

Fun Facts About Me

I have a long list of things that I love including but not limited to: music, Italian food, lacrosse, snowboarding, staying up late, sleep, gaming, anime, my girlfriend of almost 9 years, and a nice cold soda. I grew up my whole life believing myself to be a dog person. After 3 years of parenting my little girl Dezi (my cat), I can wholeheartedly say that I am a cat person now. I am inherently introverted around strangers and extroverted among friends! 

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