We are excited about this Artisan Series with Timbuk2 as we continue to get to know their team and their brand.  Honestly, a customer brought the brand to us initially, we looked into it and did an order.  Following a great service experience and rave reviews on the product from the customer, we HAD to have them on the Artisan Series so we can make all our clients aware of what they have to offer! 

These kinds of stories are at the heart of who Goodson is, we are always searching for things that will help our clients build a brand that customers and employees will want to belong to.  High quality, relevant brands like Timbuk2 help them do just that!

Even in cases where we are not initially aware of a particular brand, we love learning about them and reaching out to start the conversation! 
Timbuk2 and Ty Beck on their team have helped us provide high-end bags and backpacks to our customers for several different use cases and all the reviews have been off the charts. 

By the way, they have a very cool founder story that has head to a very trendy product line that appeals to older and younger generations alike.

Listen to the full Artisan Series interview to learn more!

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