Coloring & Activity Book


For the past three summers I have had to pick out prizes for The SoIN Fun Trail, a family friendly digital passport program where you earn prizes by visiting locations in SoIN. I dread doing it every year because I have no idea what children like or what is even out there. I rely so much on Goodson to come up with unique ideas that are still tourism related.


In previous years we have done random items (fans, hats, frisbees, bags, etc.) We wanted something more SoIN related that could highlight our area and something that could have multiple purposes. We also wanted something that will not be too annoying for parents, messy, loud or take up too much space in luggage. There was a lot of criteria to this project! That is where Goodson came up with the coloring and activity book!


People loved the coloring book. Not only was it a great way to entertain children on car rides, but the partners loved it because we were able to include so many attractions in the area which made then feel special!

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