Strategic Marketing

Team Trade Show Clothing


Strategic Marketing attends the NADA Conference as a vendor each year. In 2023, they were looking to update their employees’ uniforms for the show. They wanted to look approachable but still also seen as professional extensions of their brand. Ensuring their branding is cohesive and consistent is extremely important for them.


We were able to help Strategic find quarter-zips that would be worn on both days of the show. For the first day, we got them into matching navy pullovers which they paired with grey dress pants. The second day was a grey pullover with navy dress pants. Their outfits were a hit by employees and show attendees alike, and we were able to help them capture their brand perfectly.


We heard from Strategic that their employees felt like a true united front when taking on the 2023 NADA Conference. Their quarter-zips are still being worn by the team on a daily basis in the office.

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