Women of Asphalt Gift Package


The Plantmix Asphalt Industry of Kentucky hosts an annual Winter Training School open to members and the KY Department of Transportation. This event is an educational training opportunity for members, as well as a networking opportunity for suppliers and equipment distributors. The multiple layers to this event required a variety of items to be purchased, all with different quantity and budget needs. Each attendee would receive a notebook and pen. We also needed a special/unique gift for speakers, as well as a give-away for luncheon attendees. ‌


For us, Goodson Clothing is a one-stop shop! They have always been able to connect us with multiple vendors and coordinate on a variety of items for one event. Brett knows that we love high quality, unique, customizable items and he sent us several products to choose from for each of our needs. We were able to coordinate the branding, quality, and design for our entire collection of give-away items. ‌


We picked a fully customizable notebook and solid, branded, ink pen for each attendee. Attendees loved the dot grid paper in the notebook and they loved being able to choose a color for the ink pen. For the speakers gift, we selected a charging trio with great branding imprint areas that worked perfectly for our two logos. The charging trio really hit the mark on a compact, travel friendly item for the speakers. Lastly, for our luncheon, the tumbler we chose really allows the beautiful colors in the logo to shine. It is also a great size tumbler that fits well, and feels good, in your hand! All the items showcased our branding very well and everyone loved the items.

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