2021 Partners Series Recap

We had the opportunity to connect you with some amazing people and trusted partners during the past year with our Partner Series. In case you missed an episode or want to know more about one of our partners, click on one of the links to watch the replay. Specter & Co. Tervis Snugz HPG Brands […]

Partner Series with Storm Creek

Storm Creek

Rick Poferl with Storm Creek joined us for our final Partner Series of 2021. We love Rick’s amazing energy and passion for his work with Storm Creek! Storm Creek has done a fantastic job of creating a culture where people LOVE their work creating quality products for their customers.  This company doesn’t have a sprawling […]

Partner Series with Denik

Denik Hero Image 2021

We recently recorded a special Partner Series with Jeremy Winn from Denik. Denik is a unique brand offering creative ways to express your brand through high-quality notebooks and journals.  The team at Denik views their products as an artistic vehicle for customers to communicate their stories. You can select from several artists’ collections and add […]

Partner Series with Gemline

Gemline Hero Image

Alyssa Werner from Gemline joined us for the October 2021 Partner Series.  Gemline has been a go-to partner for quality, high-end products. Their team is focused on delivering excellent customer service and fast turnaround times. There is a great deal of alignment between the Goodson and Gemline teams in approaching business and design aesthetics. Gemline […]

Partner Series with Refresh Glass

Refresh Glass PS

This special edition Partner Series features an innovative company focused on creating unique drinkware from recycled wine bottles. Refresh Glass has created something new in the drinkware space, which is hard to do!  They make everything right here in the US and offer reasonable pricing, low minimums, no setup fees, and fast drop shipping.  Best […]

Partner Series with Maple Ridge Farms

Maple Ridge Farms

Traci Simonis and Jodie Schillinger with Maple Ridge Farms are our guests for this Partner Series. Food gifts are a timeless way to connect with people, and the team at Maple Ridge Farms are great at it. The quality of their food is excellent, and they deliver orders fast. Because they are a US-based company, […]

Partner Series with Hirsch Gift

Hirsch Gift

Joshua Pospisil with Hirsch Gift is our guest for this edition of the Partner Series. Hirsch Gift is a trusted partner for high-end promotional products and gifts from brands like: JBL Brumate Belkin Segway They recently unveiled a new line of eco-friendly charging devices called Nimble. In addition to name-brand product lines, they also leverage […]

Partner Series with HPG Brands

HPG Brands - Batch and Bodega

Sarah Fette from HPG Brands joins us for our July Partner Series. Landon and Sarah discuss one of HPG’s most popular brands – Batch & Bodega. Batch & Bodega offers a variety of food kits with different themes to help you provide a unique gift from your brand. You can select freshly created items from […]

Partner Series with Snugz

Snugz Partner Series

Steve Rone from Snugz joins us for our June Partner Series. Steve shares about the maker’s first mindset at Snugz. Did you know that Snugz produces most of its best-selling products in-house, including hand sanitizer, lip balm, and candles? We discuss the addition of Thermos to their lineup as well as the popular Zen line […]

Partner Series with Tervis

Michael Van Beck from Tervis joins us to talk about insulated drinkware products and some of Tervis’ unique product and service offerings. Michael shared some details about their new e-code service for their customers. These e-codes make it easy to provide employees, prospects, and customers with opportunities to customize a Tervis item compliments of your brand. Did you […]

Partner Series Express with 3M

Post It notes are often the first thing that comes to mind when people think of the 3M. Alex Kind shares some unique 3M products that have interesting use cases and can be imprinted with your brand. Extreme Notes Command Hooks Dry Erase Boards Tech Stickers And More! By the way, did you know that […]

Partner Series with Spector & Co.

Spector & Co.

Spector & Co. is a leading supplier of writing instruments, journals, bags, and other business gifts as well as NFC-enabled products in many of the same categories. Kate Kailik, Director of Business Development, joined us for this Partner Series event. We choose to partner with Spector because they offer unique, high-quality products, and excellent service.  We are also very […]

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