Hold & Fulfill


Our focus is on building great relationships and providing excellent customer experience. Becoming a partner to hold and fulfill materials on your behalf provides a convenient and efficient solution to the traditional ‘closet’ of materials of the past. Having inventory in another location also helps to better manage inventory and create internal processes for how to use the items you have. Let our team become part of your team.
Hold & Fulfill


As always, we start with a conversation. We simply work with you to create a list of all the items you’d like us to hold for you and determine if it is exsiting inventory that needs transferred to our facility or if new orders need to be placed. We will then confirm how much space will need allocated for your inventory. This inventory list with all details will always be provided for approval before moving anything forward. We will guide you each step of the way.


While keeping pricing simple is our goal, holding inventory does have more complexity than other areas of our business given the wide variety of items, sizes and quantities. That said, we typically work on a flat fee per item for ‘standard’ items and quote items that require more space. Your inventory summary and estimated hold and fulfill costs will always be provided for approval before moving forward.

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