What does ‘Huzzah!’ mean? 

We get that question quite a bit as we use it in some of our communication and on some items we give customers and employees.

We love the word because it represents our brand well. It embodies the combination of old and new.  We celebrate all the great things from the past while working to add all the great things from the time we live in now.

Below are some definitions, information, and background, enjoy!

Definition of Huzzah


1. (used as an exclamation of joy, applause, appreciation, etc.) hurrah!


2. the exclamation “huzzah.”

3. an instance of giving praise or applause; accolade:

The newspaper’s review was one big huzzah for the new movie.

Verb (used without object)

4. to shout “huzzah.”

The origin of the word ‘huzzah’ goes all the way back to 1565-1575 believe it or not!

Huzzah is a word to shout when you want to celebrate something.

Huzzah is an interjection, meaning it’s a term used to express emotion, often outside of a sentence.

Huzzah is sometimes spelled huzza. Similar and related words are hurrah, hoorah, hooray, and hurray (all of which probably derive from or were influenced by huzzah). All of these words are used in the same way—as a celebratory exclamation (something to shout in celebration).

Huzzah started as something to shout out loud, but today it’s pretty rare for people to literally shout “Huzzah!” It sounds very old-timey—perhaps even more so than hurrah—and people are more into yelling woo! and woo-hoo! But huzzah is still used as an interjection in informal, conversational writing, such as social media posts and texts. To show appreciation for something in particular, you might write huzzah for followed by that thing, as in Huzzah for three-day weekends!

Huzzah can be used as a verb meaning to shout huzzah.

It can also be used to refer to a cheer of huzzah (as in a big huzzah from the crowd) or to an instance of praise (as in You got quite the huzzah from the boss today).

Example: Huzzah! The package I ordered is here!

We like that last one.  

Thank you if you’re a current customer and please reach out if not, we’d love to work with you. 


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