Kits & Packing


Kits and packing continue to grow as companies look to improve how they engage with their customers and employees. The shift to remote work has driven growth here as well. It’s easy to allocate more of your budget on packaging and shipping that you would like when working on kits. Our team is always working on ways to maximize your budget with the kit we send. We can work with highly custom options with a higher budget as well as more cost effective approaches. Let us help you match your kit to your budget and goals to have maximum impact.
Kits & Packing


Our process is simple, we start with a conversation. We need to understand who you want to reach and why. It always starts with your goal, followed by a discussion about logistics, timeline and budget. This will help us to determine what type of packaging and shipping will work best as well as provide context for curating the items to include. We will also discuss creative ways to brand your kit, things like stickers, tape, custom tissue paper and more. Our team will guide you from start to finish!


We try to keep our approach to kits simple, focusing on time and material. Once we know all the details for your Project, we can provide estimates as an overall cost or broken down on a per kit basis. We will also do our best to estimate the package size and weight so that we can provide a price to ship each kit. Let us help you make the complicated simple!


MCM CPAs & Advisors


MCM wanted to create a new hire package that captured the look of their brand while also providing items that are useful and on trend.


Our team was able to find a cost effective ‘stock’ box option that was very high quality and allowed the full color MCM logo to be printed on top. We then added the all over printed tissue paper. They chose a mix of small practical items and a few recognizable branded items. We also assembled the finished packages and distributed them to each office ready to go!


The feedback from their new team members has been nothing but positive! In addition, we’ve saved their staff time and effort by assembling and shipping the packages to each office ready to give out!

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