5 Benefits of Using Quality Displays for Your Next Event

We find that our clients often aren’t aware that we have great partners for custom display products.

As we work with our customers on these types of items, we have found it helpful to first look at how we tend to see the display products industry breaking down.

1.  Fully Custom Designed Displays – these are sometimes, but not always, held in third-party warehouses and shipped, assembled, and disassembled on-site at event locations.

2.  Semi-Custom Designed Displays – these are typically built out of similar materials to the fully custom options, but are standard designs with custom imprinting.  These can be in third-party warehouses, but most commonly would be on-site with the customer and sent where they are needed in-house.

3.  Stock Custom Designed Displays – these are almost all standard products, with custom imprints and are usually made from materials that are most cost-effective.  These are excellent options, but most likely will need to be replaced in the mid-term with heavy use.

We are here to help with the semi-custom and stock custom displays we describe for semi-custom and stock custom-designed displays and help direct you to the best partner for fully custom-designed displays.

If you have an event coming up, whether indoor or outdoor, you will likely want to use custom display items.  

Common display items you want to consider are: 

  • Custom printed table covers
  • Back walls
  • Retractable banners
  • Feather flags 

These items play a key role in bringing the personality of your brand to any event.  To stand out in a fresh and engaging way, you may need to think “outside the box” and change up the way you view your brand.

Discount Marketing Products is one of our preferred partners and has a wide variety of high-quality, beautifully printed products to meet your needs.  Whether it’s an inside or outside event, we lean on their product knowledge to provide insight to improve your company’s event marketing.

Below are 5 benefits we have found in using display products.

1. The Right Display Elevates Your Brand

When your customer interacts with custom display items, it makes your brand tangible. 

Choosing the right display for your event space can help make the space your own and help your customers experience your brand.

2. Fully Custom Printing

Your display, which is designed to reflect your brand’s image, will continue to build and reinforce your brand look, feel, and messaging.

3. Increased Awareness and Revenue

We all want to increase sales and invest in long-term customer relationships.  Displays allow you to continually remind your customers about your brand and reinforce your value proposition.

4. Much More Convenient

Today, custom displays are lighter, easier to assemble, and more durable than ever.  Many items allow full-color imprinting as well. The combination of these things makes displays easier to use than ever before and allows tremendous flexibility as you build your brand.

5. Costs Are Lower

In addition to the convenience modern custom displays offer, the costs have come down also. The costs for booth displays today compared to just a few years ago have been reduced significantly.

Displays can become one of the greatest values in your marketing efforts with their reasonable price point and high visibility at events.

These are just a few benefits our customers have shared with us when using custom display products.

We are working hard to build a great brand and truly enjoy working with customers trying to do the same.

Reach out today if we can help improve your displays for your next event.

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