Bringing Customization to Your Office with The Hat Bar

For a recent project, we teamed up with a local construction company to try something new. Buffalo Construction wanted to create personalized hats for their team members, designed on-site to reflect individual preferences, as part of an Operations Workshop at their office.

We introduced The Hat Bar, a service that allows team members to design their own hats according to their individual style. Buffalo Construction chose a Richardson Trucker hat for their team to customize.

Each person was able to choose from four different color ways and 4 different patches designed by Buffalo Construction. The full process of making the hats takes 2 minutes so team members will get their hats right then and there.

The Goodson team was on-site for about six hours to make sure as many team members as possible had the opportunity to create a hat!

These hats become a wearable expression of company pride. This event not only provides a fun and unique experience but also serves as a great way for companies to enhance their brand visibility.

The event turned out to be a huge success. The feedback from the attendees and the company was overwhelmingly positive. The custom hats are now worn daily around the office and out in the field, highlighting the Buffalo Construction brand and showcasing team unity.

We loved interacting with their team and seeing their creativity in action. It helped our team understand what items and designs each person gravitated towards. This event confirmed our focus on trying new things and finding innovative ways to help our customers foster community within their team.

We’re looking forward to bringing The Hat Bar to more companies and events. We’re always eager to explore new ideas and provide unique solutions that resonate with our customers. This project was just the start. To explore how a hat bar would work at your office or event, contact us to talk to one of our customer guides!

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