Christmas Traditions

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! This time of year can be chaotic at times and it can be difficult to slow down and really enjoy it. We thought it would be fun to ask our team to tell us about their favorite family traditions or recipes that make this time of year special and help them to slow down a bit.

We all have family traditions, favorite recipes, or other things we look forward to during the holidays like these.  We would love to hear some of yours.

Have a safe and happy Christmas and New Year, we truly appreciate you!


Christmas Day Brunch with my Mom and Grandparents. We have Honey Ham and Quiches and then I go into a small food coma on the recliner while cartoons play in the background.


The favorite Christmas tradition for my family is cuddling up on the couch and watching BOTH “The Grinch” and “A Christmas Story”. They’re true classics that are guaranteed to get us into the Christmas spirit. 

We’re still trying to figure out what our traditional Christmas meal will be. We’ve tried out several recipes over the years, but most have failed. Still waiting for the right dish to emerge! Perhaps with my new Weber Grill or Blackstone Griddle, I can cook up something new and exciting this year!


One of our favorite Christmas traditions is to take our 3 kids shopping at Five Below and let them pick out gifts for each other, have them wrap the gifts themselves and then exchange those gifts first on Christmas morning. Not only are they learning the joy of giving, but it also humbles us as parents to teach them that and to see their joy.


Every year my mom and I make tons of buckeyes for the holidays. My family inhales them fairly quickly so we always end up having to make multiple batches in hopes that we might still have a few left come Christmas Day. 

I also personally love wrapping gifts. After everyone else in the house goes to bed (ahh…peace and quiet), I make myself a cup of hot tea or hot chocolate, put on a show or music in the background, grab a comfy blanket and wrapping materials, and then I get busy wrapping. This is just my way of taking time to breathe during the chaos of the holidays.

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