How to Pick the Right Sock for Your Brand

Socks make an excellent giveaway to build your brand with customers and employees. However, because people are very particular about their socks, you need to choose wisely when selecting a type and style of sock for your brand.

Below are some simple things to keep in mind when choosing the best sock for your brand:

Business vs. Athletic: Choose the Style that Best Suits Your Audience

Before deciding on the style of sock you’ll need to buy, consider your audience and how they will be used. If you are giving away a pair of socks with your logo at a business conference, a business-style sock is likely the best option. If you are giving away socks at an event focused more on recreational activities, an athletic style sock will be the better choice.

For business socks, keep in mind:

  • The socks need to be high-quality and comfortable.
  • They should also be functional, high enough to be worn with dress wear or business casual.

For athletic socks:

  • You can have more fun with design!
  • Be sure to try a sample as the recipient may choose to workout, run or hike and you want them to be comfortable.

Deciding Between a Woven or Sublimated Sock

Once you decide between a business or athletic sock, you’ll need to choose between a woven or sublimated decoration. In a woven sock the design is, as you might expect, ‘woven in’  the sock itself. A sublimated sock has the design printed onto the material. Samples typically demonstrate the difference best.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Woven socks tend to be a higher-quality option, often best for business socks. However, they typically cost a little more and require higher minimum quantities.
  • Sublimated socks can be more cost-effective, and they typically require lower minimums. However, they are not always the same level of quality as woven socks and are sometimes best for promotional items that are not intended for longer term use.

Understanding the Impact that Quantity Has on Your Order

Knowing your audience and intended use will help you balance the quality that you need with the quantity that you require, in order to get the best possible branded sock for your organization. If you are ordering for a larger event or audience, you will find that you have more options when it comes to high-quality socks for the best value.

Remember: With Socks, You Get What You Pay For

Most people are particular about the socks they wear. They want a sock that will fit right, maintain shape, and ultimately look stylish. If you choose a more cost-effective style and design in hopes of taking advantage of the lower minimums, you may find that your socks do not get used as much or for as long as you’d like. However, our team can work with you to better understand your goals and create a high-quality sock that will create engaged employees and loyal customers.

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