It’s About More Than the Product

Products are great, the right products are better, but the right products printed the right way are the best. In this blog, we wanted to take some time to review some of what we’ve learned recently through working on our brand and pass it along to you.  

Our industry focuses primarily on the product and the price. There are many places to find products, and they mostly compete on price.  

However, as we’ve said many times, finding the right product for you, your company, and your goals is even more challenging. To take that a step further, we’ve learned it’s about more than the right product; it’s about how you print it.  

We recently invested in a refresh of our brand that resulted in a group of alternative brand assets that changed our perspective.  

When using branded clothing and promotional items for your brand, there are three things to make decisions on:

  1. The Right Product
  2. Imprint Method
  3. Artwork/Design

Once you find the right product, it can be challenging to decide on the design and best imprint method. Some items are easy, like pens. The imprint area you are given limits what can be done on the item. In cases like this, a logo and possibly some contact information, works just fine and allows the product to serve its purpose.

For other items like coasters or notebooks that allow full-color imprint on both sides of the front and back cover, printing the item in a unique way and taking full advantage of the imprint area can be difficult. Many times your brand assets, or lack of them, will determine how creative and unique the imprint can be on items with more real estate to take advantage of.

Most are familiar with the imprint methods below:

  • Screen Printing
  • Embroidery
  • Laser Engraving

However, lately, we’ve seen emblems become increasingly popular. Emblems are versatile, working on both branded clothing and promotional items, and can elevate the perceived value and uniqueness of an item.

There are various types of emblems; below are some of the most popular today:

  • Flex Style – 3D Custom Emblems
  • PVC / Rubber Emblems
  • Embroidered Patches
  • 3D Embroidered Patches (Embroidered Patch with Foam Added for 3D Effect)
  • Leather Patches
  • Faux Leather Patches

These patch styles are unique, look great, and allow for creativity!

These patches and emblems can be applied to a product or clothing with heat or pressure-sensitive backing. This versatility makes it possible to decorate almost anything!

Believe it or not, the cost of these decoration methods and the minimum quantities are very accessible and can elevate the clothing or products you’re ordering.

The pressure-sensitive backing options can also be used much like stickers to hand out individually to be applied to laptops, water bottles and more alongside other stickers, which have become very popular these days.

Samples and pictures are the only way to understand how these options can be used for your brand. Reach out to us today to request samples and pictures to get started!  

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