Selecting the Right Drinkware for Your Brand

Promotional items, such as drinkware, are a great way to reward customers and employees while building your brand. However, it can be tough to choose from all the options out there. Here are a few things to keep in mind when making your decision.

Consider Your Audience

Don’t worry, we will get to the budget because we know it’s really important.  But we believe thinking through your audience should be first. Who is your audience, customers, employees, or another group?  What do you know about their lifestyle or what a day might look like for them?  Are they on the road all day or at a desk?  Have you seen them in the course of a day with a piece of drinkware, if so, what was it?  Or are you using them for handouts during an event? When you look at the characteristics of who will be using the custom tumblers, mugs, or water bottles, you can make a better decision about which item to choose. For example, giving a travel tumbler that is great for travel is a better choice for busy parents than a ceramic mug that might sit in a cabinet!

What do you Prefer?

This is a great next step, I know I leave the house every day with a coffee mug and some kind of cup or bottle with water in it.  After considering your audience, you’ll likely have a better idea of which type of item you want to choose, a ceramic mug, travel tumbler, water bottle, etc.  Now you can think through the items you use and why.  The odds are that many of your customers, employees, and potential clients would like many of the same items you do and would love an item that you would personally use and love to receive! 

Look at your Budget

Yes, we’ve put the budget last. The reason for this is because we know drinkware items are available at just about any price point you need.  The drivers of cost with drinkware are usually features, decoration, and mostly brand.  However, if you have an understanding of your audience and your own preferences, you can narrow down the item you want to go with and usually find an option that will align well with your budget.  Quality doesn’t always mean the highest cost, we love finding the best value your budget will allow.  The only consideration we ask clients to make is to try and give an item that will be their audience’s first choice if the budget will allow it, otherwise, they may only use your item if their preferred option is not available.

The bottom line to all this is you want the audience to use the item you give them, 100% never will, but we want as many as possible.  Taking time to think through your audience, what is appealing to you and maximizing your budget will help you increase your chances!

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