Touch Feel See

Have you ever ordered an item that looked great online, but once it arrives, it’s not what you expected? The size is off, the material doesn’t feel high quality or the color is off. This is frustrating and it happens to us too.

Shopping online is convenient, but the attributes of the product can be lost on the screen. 

This is one of the reasons Goodson is focusing on touch, feel, and see. 

What is That Exactly?

Touch, feel, and see is important to your buying experience. We don’t want any surprises, and we want you to know exactly what you’re paying for.  

At Goodson, we want you to see what we see, which is why we started our virtual Partner Series. The Partner Series lets us bring our curated partners directly to you. It’s one way we filter out the abundance of product options out there so you can see all the options and hear what can be done with them. 

The virtual Partner Series allowed you to see items, but not touch and feel them. So we added in the gift for attending each month. This was great, but only allows you to see one item. We expanded this to send a quarterly sample pack to see more items as well as how you can create themes around items to create packages.

All of this has been well received, but does limit the number of items you can touch, feel and see. Because of this, we are doing our Partner Series Live. With curated partners, you will be able to touch, feel and see many more items in a short period of time.  

Our hope is this becomes a live, interactive experience that helps to leave no doubt about your purchase. 

This event will also allow you to meet our trusted Partners (who we’ve also carefully curated!). You’ll see first-hand why we chose them, and you won’t be disappointed.

A Little About Our Industry

In our industry, we are inundated with products. Over the last 20 to 30 years, there have and continue to be attempts to “disrupt” the market. We’re not fans of that word. Many online ordering options have popped up, making it super easy to order personalized and branded products online. But you know what they don’t understand about your brand? YOUR BRAND. 

Your brand is more than a snazzy font with an awesome graphic. Your brand communicates the personality of your company. Your brand communicates what makes you tick, your values, mission, and the way you operate. That’s a lot of talking for a logo. But that logo becomes synonymous with your brand and represents who you are.

Because of this, finding the ‘right’ clothing and promotional supplies can be challenging. We believe the branded clothing and promotional supplies that carry your brand speak volumes and the old way of choosing those products is broken. But we’re not looking to be “disrupters”. We’re looking to match you with the perfect, curated products for your brand. After all, we’re matchmakers at heart.

Products in Context

There are lots of “cool” things on the market. Trust us, we’ve looked at many of them! 

We’re not looking for just “cool”. A “cool” solution in search of a problem can sometimes completely miss the mark. 

We want to make sure that when you give your employees and customers branded products, they’re not just receiving a random item. They’re getting a gift in context that represents a little bit of your personality as a company. That means they understand why they are getting it and how they can use it. We focus not just on products, but the right products.

Click here to watch some of our past virtual Partner Series, and contact us today to join us on your touch, feel, and see journey!

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