Online Shops


Online Shops are a tool that allows a group of people to order branded clothing and promotional items easily. In the day and age we live in, finding a front end online Shop is not that hard. However, finding a partner with the systems and processes on the backend to design, implement and execute well on your program is more difficult. We’ve been refining our process and our team for several years with a focus on execution, and we are just getting started.
Online Shops


Our process is simple; we start with a conversation. The Shop is just a tool after all and we first want to be sure it is a tool that is needed. Once we know it will add value, we focus on details such as audience, vision for the catalog, methods of decoration, shipment locations, payment methods and more. While each Shop is built on the same general framework, each program is customized to your specific goals and objectives. We work to line up with your existing internal processes and systems as much as possible.


Pricing to setup a Shop can cover a wide range depending on your needs. However, in general, setup of a basic store is between $399-$699 initially with a $299-$499 annual fee. We will work with you to determine exactly how your Shop needs to function and make sure all pricing is clear up front before we begin moving forward. Lead times to launch a Shop are usually 2-3 weeks, with more customized Shops sometimes taking longer.


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