Compass Promos

We’ve always liked Compass Promos!

Compass was one of the first in our industry to begin bridging the gap between retail brands and promotional products. One reason for their focus on retail brands early on is their niche of tools and knives, these products must be high quality and functional. 

As we have shared before, we take as much time in curating great partners like Compass Promos as we do with individual products, believing there are many points along the ‘funnel’ where curation is needed.

Keith from Compass Promos shared a lot of great information and took some time to highlight several brands they offer, including Mammoth coolers, which is an excellent alternative to YETI products.

For many customers, we understand that giving away quality, functional tools and knives are typically special use cases for customers, prospects, and employees; however, there are many practical use cases that are often overlooked.

There are companies that provide essential tools for employees to do their jobs effectively. This may include things like a Leatherman tool, MagLite flashlight, or Zippo hand warmers. In many cases, you can have these quality retail products printed with your brand for a cost that is very close to buying them from a retailer. 

Any opportunity to promote your brand, especially on a quality product for the same or a slight additional cost is a worthwhile investment and helps those who get the product to feel like they belong!

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