Discount Marketing Products

This episode of the Partner Series features Dalan Cohen, Owner of Discount Marketing Products (DMP).

The conversation started off by exploring the background of Discount Marketing Products and some basic things that separate them from their competition.  It revved up in the middle when Dalan starts talking about the design of his products!

We’ve always known DMP has great products and excellent service.  However, we didn’t know how much thought has gone into the design and function of their products. Dalan shared several ways they have considered both form and function during our conversation that provide even more value than we realized!

There were several examples of how a slight change in design can make a big difference, like holding a tent frame tent together with screws or double stitching seams on table covers.  They also use fabric on their retractable banners rather than standard banner material. We learned a lot we didn’t know and hope you do too!

Another major benefit of working with DMP is color matching!  Most products printed in full color do not offer Pantone (PMS) color matching on a single item, let alone guarantee matching colors across multiple items. This makes a big difference when displaying multiple items next to each other.

Dalan and his team care a lot about the engineering of their products and the people they serve. 

There are plenty of manufacturers in the event display space, but we believe DMP is one of the best you can find!

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