ETS Express

Mike Contreras from ETS Express was our guest for the January Partner Series. He shared new drinkware styles for 2024, different printing methods, and the “why” behind using drinkware to build your brand.

Mike starts the episode with a leading question, why drinkware?

“Drinkware is the largest hard goods category in the promotional products world. It offers a unique advantage when it comes to messaging. When you have the right product most people aren’t going to throw it away. It’s going to stick around. It’s going to tell your story and make an impact for your brand.”

ETS Express strives to be the best drinkware supplier by offering the best service, product selection, printing capabilities, and competitive pricing. They offer trending products like Larq, Owala, Contigo, Ember, and Blender Bottle.

If you couldn’t join us live, check out the full episode and collection of new products below!

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