Spring is in full bloom and we are excited to share our 2021 Spring & Summer Clothing Collection with you!

Each season our team works hard to make sure we bring new styles and brands to the table.  

Before getting into some details about this year’s Spring & Summer Clothing Collection, I want to share a little bit about how we select the brands and items in each collection.

The promotional products industry can be overwhelming – there are so many choices!

Our objective with each collection is to cut through the noise and give you a list of the top 15 mens and ladies clothing pieces along with select accessories for that season.

Our team combs through hundreds of vendors, brands, and styles to bring together a collection that does two things for our customers:

Click this link so you can see the collection and then read on.  Off we go!

Ladies first.  The reality is that ladies clothing has been tough in our industry over the years.  However, things have improved quite a bit recently.  We are really pleased with the styling of the items we have here and hope you will be also.

One thing we know is that ladies  don’t love polos or collars, so we included items in this year’s collectionthat have no collar wherever possible.  We have heard that women prefer to choose their own clothing each day and have branded items to layer over top in case they get cold.  They will also wear a polo at a golf outing or other event if they have to!

For the men, we are excited to partner with the Travis Mathew brand!  We’ve included a few great styles from their collection as well as some new options from brands you know and love like OGIO, The North Face and Storm Creek.

Finally, we’ve included some great accessories and hats, from brands like Carhartt, The North Face, Nike, and Cotopaxi.  

We would love your thoughts on this year’s Spring and Summer Collection! Let us know what you like, don’t like, and if there is anything that you think should have been included.

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