This episode features Brooke Hahnert, Marketing Director at Virtual Telecomm. Virtual Telecomm offers phone, internet, and private data services to businesses and organizations of all sizes. 

We always look forward to working with Brooke. In fact, we have been partnering with her over the past few years at more than one company!

Goodson’s working relationship with Virtual Telecomm started when our first employee, Brett Kavanagh, met their owner while working on office furniture they purchased.  We love the consistent theme of authentic relationships we see with our podcast guests.

Focusing on solutions and driven by service, Virtual Telecomm works to save customers time and money by selecting unbiased and perfect-fit solutions based on their unique needs. Join host Landon Wade of Goodson Clothing & Supply Co. as he discusses her journey from Western Kentucky to Wilmington, Delaware, the history of Virtual Telecomm and the role branded clothing and promotional supplies have and will play as they continue to build into the future.

You can learn more about Virtual Telecomm at

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