Dan Ratterman, COO for Shady Rays, joins us in this episode of The Brand Herald podcast. 

Dan shares the story of how Shady Rays came to life by addressing a common problem, losing or breaking expensive sunglasses. He explains how the foundation of the company is providing a solution to this issue. 

Shady Ray’s answer? Trendy sunglasses at a reasonable price with free returns and exchanges.

We talk about the importance of brand building and the patience required for success. Shady Rays, founded in 2012, is often seen as an overnight success, but Dan talks about the years of trial and error that led them to where they are today.

We also discuss how Shady Rays did things differently by starting online first and then opening brick-and-mortar stores, reversing the usual approach.

Listen to our conversation with Dan—we know you’ll gain valuable insights on building a successful brand!

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