Erin Gibbs, Marketing Director for Plantmix Asphalt Industry of Kentucky (PAIKY), is our second Brand Herald guest for 2022.

We love working with Erin. She is high-energy and very creative. She has a great instinct for building brand awareness through promotional products and branded clothing.

Erin shares the story of her journey from a dance career with a Jazz & Modern company to leading the marketing efforts of PAIKY, an 84-year-old industry association. 

Goodson has been working with PAIKY for a few years and during that time we’ve built a strong relationship with Erin. We have close alignment with values, approach to business, and branding strategies. We feel like a direct extension of Erin and her team as they work to expand their impact.  These win-win customer relationships are what we are all about!  Hope you enjoy the episode!

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