Jeff Arsenault, the Director of Marketing at Clayton & Crume, joins us in this episode of The Brand Herald podcast. With a wealth of experience and insights, Jeff walks us through his journey from Atlanta to Louisville and his pivotal role in shaping the unique brand identity of Clayton & Crume.

We explored the challenges faced during the brand’s early days, the transformative decision to redefine its identity, and the process of crafting a distinct path in a competitive market.

Jeff delves into the nuances of defining the Clayton & Crume brand and navigating the leather goods market. Learn about the brand’s commitment to full-grain leather, its dedication to education, and the strategic shifts in content strategy over the years. Jeff provides a candid view of executing effective marketing strategies, and maintaining brand consistency over the years. 

This episode is a deep dive into the world of brand marketing. Jeff’s wisdom and advice resonate with entrepreneurs and marketers alike. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from Jeff’s expertise and the fascinating journey of Clayton & Crume. 

Tune in for a conversation that encapsulates authenticity, craftsmanship, and the art of brand evolution.

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