Lesa Seibert is the CEO & Co-founder of Mightily, a brand marketing agency in Louisville. She is a recognized voice in the industry and loves conversations about branding which made her the perfect guest for The Brand Herald. Mightily was founded in 2013 and offers services like web design, digital-first branding, and marketing strategy. We sat down with Lesa to discuss why your logo is ‘not’  your brand, what a brand is and how important your brand is for your employees.  

To learn more about Mightily, visit Below is a quote about branding from their website.

“Brands. They’re the expression of everything we believe in, why we do what we do, the ultimate demonstration of our culture. We’re here to help those who treasure brands. To help communicate them powerfully, effectively and in ways that compel others to feel and think.” – Mightily

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