Brand Herald with Megan and Patrick Morris_Little House Green Grocery

Megan and Patrick Morris are the Owners of Little House Green Grocery in Richmond, Virginia.  They purchased the business 2 years ago after receiving an email about a business for sale that sounded a lot like the small grocery store they’d fallen in love with just 5 minutes from their home.  Turns out it was meant to be.  Little House exists to serve and support others. They serve customers by conveniently offering the best products emphasizing local and organic.  And they are uncompromising on quality. They are passionate about supporting local farms, makers, and artisans to give small businesses a place to sell their amazing products beyond a farmer’s market or direct-to-consumer sales.  Join our host, Landon Wade to learn more about how we came to know Megan and Patrick, their journey to becoming business owners, and how they go about building their brand, from the inside out.  To learn more about Little House Green Grocery, visit  

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