October’s episode of The Brand Herald features Nancy Meyers with Lawyers Mutual of Kentucky

Goodson began working with Lawyers Mutual of Kentucky based on a relationship they developed with Robin Raypole during her time at MCM. Robin now serves as the CFO for Lawyers Mutual of Kentucky.

Nancy is the marketing director and leads all marketing and communication efforts for Lawyers Mutual. In the spring of 2022, Nancy was the only person to attend our virtual Partner Series and in-person event. Having the opportunity to meet Nancy in person at the in-person event helped us get to know Nancy better and deepened the relationship with her and her company. 

The Core Values of Lawyers Mutual are the cornerstone of who they are. Motivated by the people they serve, their values are rooted in how they can best serve their clients. Lawyers Mutual aims to be compassionate and direct, knowledgeable and nimble, zealous and steadfast.

Nancy joins us to explain why Lawyers Mutual of Kentucky believe Kentucky lawyers deserve uncompromising protection and support, helping clients every step of the way – from education and prevention to mitigation and coverage.

Click below to listen.

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