The Brand Herald_Terry Hyland

Terry Hyland is the President of Hyland Insurance, right here in Louisville, Kentucky. Landon was connected to Terry through Melissa Stewart who he met while serving as an Ambassador with Greater Louisville, Inc. (GLI).

Terry and his family have built an amazing family business. Hyland has a very family-oriented culture where they value people ahead of profit.  
They have a 40-year success story to tell thanks to the “sticktoitiveness” of the founders Tim Hyland (Terry’s Dad) and Pat Hyland (Terry’s Uncle).  We loved that word Terry used during our conversation. Every day these men lead their team by grinding away and moving the flywheel forward a little more.

There are many similarities between Goodson and Hyland among the things we value and the ways we want to operate.

We hope you enjoy this episode as Landon learns about Terry’s path to join the family business and how his vision to become a ‘single source solution’ has led to explosive growth in recent years.  There are many key learnings here as Goodson continues to explore how to build a truly excellent business and a culture people want to be a part of.

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