Meg Vogt is a Regional Consultant with Perfection Group.

Landon was introduced to Meg by one of the members of his F3 group, Joe Hulsey.

The Louisville, KY office is one of 10 offices in 5 states.  Perfection Group designs, services and installs facility systems that reduce customer operating costs and provide sustainable, long-term energy efficiency.

Like Goodson, they are extremely customer service-oriented and focus on building great relationships with those they serve.  They recently celebrated 70 years in business!

Goodson hasn’t been around for 70 years (yet), but there are a lot of similarities in the way we operate.

Join host Landon Wade of Goodson Clothing & Supply Co. as he discusses Meg’s path to join Perfection Group, explores the history of the company and gains a better understanding of the impact they want to have in the communities they serve!

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