Not all umbrellas are created equal.  Two umbrellas may look the same but vary greatly in quality because of the materials they are made with and the construction process.

The core of an umbrella is the frame.  The frame consists of a shaft and ribs.  The more durable the frame, the more durable the umbrella.  The most common frame materials are aluminum, wood, stainless steel, and fiberglass. The highest quality frames are made with fiberglass, which is known for being lightweight and durable.  Wood frames are also used, but mostly for fashion umbrellas. Many modern golf umbrellas have the appearance of wood but are actually painted fiberglass for added strength and durability in the elements. 

Stay away from aluminum frames. Umbrellas made with aluminum frames may look and feel nice, but they can easily bend or break. This is not a great way to represent your brand.

Next, let’s look at the canopy.  A quality umbrella will have a canopy made from nylon or pongee polyester.  These materials are not very thick but are high quality.  Lower quality fabrics like plastic can be inflexible and prone to wrinkling. The fabric quality can also impact the quality and durability of the imprint.  

 It is also important to consider how and where the canopy is attached to the ribs.  Lower quality umbrellas often have only one or two pieces of string at the tips of the ribs holding the canopy to the frame.   Quality umbrellas have multiple attachment points on each rib, keeping it functional and looking great even after multiple uses.

Finally, let’s consider the handle.  The most common handle materials are plastic, metal with a rubber covering or soft-touch coating, and wood. 

Which should you choose?  The one that feels best in your hand. Pick one that feels like it will hold up well being placed in a bag or briefcase, or stored in the trunk or glove box of your car.

Nobody wants to pick up a broken or unusable umbrella when you need to be shielded from the weather.  And we certainly don’t want to put our brand or one of our client’s brands on a low-quality product that may break easily and finds its way into a trash can for everyone to see.   

When searching for the best umbrella for your brand, look for quality first.  Trust us, you won’t regret it.

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